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Kopazar is a game market where thousands of gamers shop everyday.You can safely supply your game related needs such as e-pin codes, game golds, items, prepaid cards, cd keys from this market.
Since 2006, the year we’ve started our mission, we have been modernizing ourselves by following the developments with deep concern and considering your advices and everyday we’ve added a new game to our category of service.By year 2016, we are glad to offer service to over 400.000 gamers and distributors.
Kopazar is not only a website where gamers can buy their game related needs but also place where they are able to make sale between each other.We have given a new point of view to our sector by turning kopazar into a platform where gamers are possible to earn income from their games.We have developed our item market thanks to your advices and requests and we keep developing.
We, with our Live Support team and mail communication channel, have always been just a click away from our members since the very first day of our service. We haven’t limited our communication with our members to virtual platform.We have found the chance to talk face to face with our members thanks to tournaments and events that we organized on every occasion, thus, we directed our innovations by considering their advices, complaints and needs.
We are aware of that game sector is a rapidly-developing sector and we are eager to maintain our high quality and secure service for you, our esteemed members, by following developments and adding new games to sales network.
We regard our job as a game that we play to find happiness.We are setting up the rules with you and we are wedding you to the game.For we believe life is a game…


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