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C9 Players -Get awesome prizes by topping up with KOPAZAR Epins
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Once again the Top up event with Kopazar Epins has returned to C9 with surprising benefits!


During event period the more you top up Wcoins using Kopazar Epins, the more prizes you will receive.


Check the details below and make sure you do not miss!


This event will be available from 3rd Mar until 3rd Apr 2017.

Check out the following list of items we have for this event.


Purchased Wcoin


500 Wcoin

Single Skill Reset [Account-bound]

1,000 Wcoin

Chaos Stone x300 [Bound]

2,000 Wcoin

Magic Primer x500 [Bound]

3,000 Wcoin

Magic Primer x1000 [Bound]

5,000 Wcoin

Soul Set: Eyes of Storm [Bound]

10,000 Wcoin

Pink Lapu’s Carve Stone of Health Chest [Account-bound]


Please note :


The rewards will be delivered to your Kopazar account. After buying Wcoin product, you will get Epins & item code instantly!

Once you transferred the in-game items to the active character, you cannot cancel this action.

All item codes are usable until 1st Jun 2017.


How to purchase Epins :


1. Go to http://www.kopazar.com/en/bakiye-yukle and top up credit to your Kopazar account

2. Go to https://www.kopazar.com/c9-continent-webzen-coins-wcoins-yukle

3. Select your desired top up amount of Wcoins and click "Order"

4. On the “Order History” page, you will find Wcoins


How to redeem Epins:


1. Log in to webzen.com and on the upper left corner click “Wcoin”

2. On the Top-up page (https://pay.webzen.com/BuyWCoin/PaymentMethod ) click "Epin"

3. Charge Wcoin by entering the 16-digit KOPAZAR Epin code

4. Once you go to "Transaction History" you can find the charged Wcoin.


How to use an item code :


1. Go to http://www.webzen.com/Coupon

2. Enter the code and click “check”

3. Select your game & your server.

4. Enter the code (without hyphens) and Click ‘Redeem Code’

5. The item will be delivered to the account.


we hope that you will enjoy the rewards.

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